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7-Step to Boost Amazon Brand’s Audience on Social Media

  1. Step 1: Find Relevant Nano Influencers to Partner With
  2. Step 2: Give Your Influencers Clear Content Guidelines
  3. Step 3: Set Up Your Giveaway Landing Page and Prize
  4. Step 4: Collect Emails and Promote Additional Social Engagement
  5. Step 5: Start an Email Marketing Campaign to New Subscribers
  6. Step 6: Announce Giveaway Winners and Offer Consolation Prizes
  7. Step 7: Continue Growing Your Social Media and Email Following
  8. Wrapping Up

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As an Amazon seller, building your brand’s presence and awareness outside of Amazon is crucial for long-term growth and sustainability. Relying solely on Amazon advertising and organic sales can be risky if your costs per click start rising or the marketplace becomes overly saturated. This is why having an engaged social media audience and email subscriber list is so valuable for Boost Amazon brands.

Growing your brand’s following on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok can help boost organic traffic and sales by increasing brand awareness and trust. It provides a way to directly interact with potential customers and build relationships. You can promote new product launches, run exclusive offers, and leverage user-generated content.

In addition, collecting email subscribers through giveaways, lead magnets and other methods allows you to retarget and communicate with followers who have expressed interest. Email marketing has the benefit of higher open and click-through rates compared to social media.

In this article, we’ll explore a step-by-step strategy to Boost Amazon brand’s social media presence and email list in preparation for a new product launch. While it requires an upfront investment, the long-term benefits are well worth the effort. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Find Relevant Nano Influencers to Partner With

The first step is identifying and partnering with nano influencers who are a strong fit for Boost Amazon brand and products.

What is a Nano Influencer?

A nano influencer is someone with a smaller follower base, typically between 1,000 to 10,000 followers on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Even though their reach is smaller compared to mega and macro influencers, nano influencers tend to have very high engagement and trust with their niche audience.

Why Partner with Nano Influencers?

When you’re first starting out on social media and launching a new product, it can be difficult to get engagement and conversions with a limited following. That’s where leveraging nano influencers comes in. Some key benefits include:

  • Nano influencers have an established niche audience that will take their recommendations seriously. Their engagement rates are often much higher than large accounts.
  • They offer affordable sponsorship opportunities, often for gifts/samples or $30-100.
  • Smaller niche accounts are more willing to work with new brands and do giveaway promotions.
  • You can build long-term partnerships and work with the same nano influencers as your brand grows.

Where to Find Nano Influencers

Some top platforms for discovering relevant nano influencers include:

  • TikTok Creator Marketplace – TikTok’s official platform for connecting with creators. Filter by niche, audience interests and price.
  • – Influencer marketplace with advanced filtering and discovery features. Can sort by platform, audience size, location and more.
  • Manually – Search hashtags and locations related to your niche to discover nano influencers who might be a good fit.

Ideal Number of Nano Influencers

Aim to partner with around 15-30 nano influencers to promote your brand and any giveaways. The more relevant influencers you can leverage, the better reach you’ll have. Consider their engagement rates and authenticity as well when reaching out.

Step 2: Give Your Influencers Clear Content Guidelines

Once you’ve partnered with nano influencers, the next step is providing them with clear content guidelines and scripts. This helps ensure their sponsored posts are on-brand, effective and align with your goals.

Create a Customized Script

Don’t expect influencers to naturally know what aspects of your product or brand to highlight. Create a customized script that is tailored to your target audience and showcases your product’s unique value proposition.

You can use a service like to generate an initial script draft using your brand details. Then refine it to flow naturally based on the influencer’s style.

Focus the script on things like:

  • Problem the product solves for the target audience
  • Key features and benefits
  • What makes it better than competitors
  • Call-to-action for giveaway entry

Provide Visual Examples

Along with the script, provide influencers with examples of creative ways to showcase and use your product visually. For example, provide photos or videos of your ideal customer using the product in real-life settings.

Giving visual examples along with verbally explaining helps ensure you get quality sponsored content.

Encourage Giveaway Promotion

A key part of your influencer guidelines should be encouraging them to promote your giveaway contest clearly. This is what will drive high-quality traffic to your landing page.

Make very clear how you want them to describe the giveaway details, prizes, entry method and eligibility. The influencer’s role is to get their engaged audience excited through the giveaway.

Request Review Approval

To ensure brand consistency, request to review and approve the influencer’s video or post before they publish it live. This gives you a chance to confirm it meets your guidelines and provide feedback if any changes are needed.

Step 3: Set Up Your Giveaway Landing Page and Prize

To collect emails and engage potential customers through the influencer promotions, you need to set up a dedicated giveaway landing page. The key is offering an exciting prize that will appeal to your target audience.

Choose a Robust Landing Page Platform

Services like Vyper, Rafflecopter and Gleam are specifically designed for giveaway landing pages. They make it easy to create forms, integrate with email services, collect entries and pick random winners.

Vyper is a top choice because it offers robust features, custom domains and attractive templates to maximize conversions.

Create a Branded Domain

To look professional, create a custom domain for your giveaway page rather than using the platform’s default domain. For example:

Use your brand name in the URL so it’s identifiable.

Design an Engaging Page

Your giveaway landing page needs to capture visitors’ attention and get them excited to enter. Recommended elements include:

  • Eye-catching headlines and visuals
  • Clear prize details
  • Social proof showing entries increasing
  • Easy email submission form
  • Branding and colors

Offer an Irresistible Prize

The prize you offer will directly impact the success of your giveaway. It should strongly appeal to your target audience.

Conduct customer research to determine which types of prizes generate the most interest. Get prize ideas from engaging social media polls, reviews and online communities related to your product niche.

Ideally offer a prize valued at $200+ to maximize excitement. The higher value, the better in most cases.

Step 4: Collect Emails and Promote Additional Social Engagement

Once your landing page is live and influencers start promoting the giveaway, the next step is collecting emails and encouraging social engagement. This further builds hype and your brand community.

Offer Clear Incentives to Join

You need to clearly communicate the incentive for visitors to join your giveaway by submitting their email. Make sure they see:

  • The prize details and value
  • “Enter for a chance to win” messaging
  • Multiplies entries for social actions

People will trade their email address in exchange for giveaway entry and the chance to win an amazing prize.

Increase Entries with Social Actions

On your giveaway landing page, allow visitors to gain additional contest entries by completing social actions. Examples include:

  • Liking or following your social media accounts
  • Sharing the giveaway with friends
  • Posting a review of your product
  • Visiting your Amazon store

More entries = more excitement and engagement. Gamifying the process boosts participation.

Make Social Sharing Easy

Add social sharing buttons on your giveaway landing page so people can easily share it with their networks for more visibility. Posts from real followers are powerful social proof.

Tools like Vyper make this simple by automating sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Review Legal Rules and Eligibility

Be sure to display any legal rules, terms & conditions and eligibility requirements for your giveaway prominently on your landing page. This is required by law.

Step 5: Start an Email Marketing Campaign to New Subscribers

Once you begin collecting email addresses through your giveaway landing page, you can start building hype for your product launch through email campaigns.

Segment New Giveaway Leads

Import your new giveaway email subscribers into your email service like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Klaviyo.

Segment these leads into a separate list from your existing brand subscribers. This allows you to customize your messaging and campaigns specifically for giveaway prospects.

Schedule a Series of Emails

With a new product launch on the horizon, you now have a captive audience to promote it to.

Create a series of 3-5 emails to send to your giveaway list on a scheduled cadence leading up to your launch date.

Email Topic Ideas:

  • Provide value with engaging content
  • Share your brand’s story and founders
  • Educate on problems your product solves
  • Highlight unique product features
  • Create excitement around the upcoming launch
  • Offer exclusive discounts or coupons

Well-timed and relevant emails will prime your prospects for your launch and convert them into customers. Just don’t overdo the hard selling. Offer value.

Drive Traffic to Social Media

Within your email content, incorporate links and call-to-actions to drive traffic to your social media profiles.

This allows you to demonstrate social proof of your brand community and continue engaging subscribers beyond email.

Coordinate Email and Social Efforts

Your email campaigns and social media marketing should work cohesively together during your launch period. Coordinate promotions, discounts and messaging across the channels.

Step 6: Announce Giveaway Winners and Offer Consolation Prizes

Once your product is live on Amazon, it’s time to wrap up your giveaway campaign by announcing the big winners while also incentivizing non-winners.

Notify the Grand Prize Winners

Using a random selection tool, select the grand prize winners from your giveaway entrants. Notify them directly via email with congratulations and details on claiming their prize.

For extra engagement, also announce the winners publicly on your social media channels. This builds excitement and validity around your contest.

Provide Discount Codes to Other Entrants

To incentivize product purchases from giveaway entrants who didn’t win, provide special discount codes. For example:

  • 30% off their first purchase
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • $10 off orders over $100

Discount codes encourage non-winners to become customers. It also shows you value all giveaway participants, not just winners.

Segment Your List by Engagement

When segmenting your email list, divide subscribers into groups based on their engagement level:

  • Giveaway entrants
  • Giveaway completers – submitted email and completed social actions
  • Non-entrants – only subscribed but didn’t enter

This allows you to target engaged prospects most likely to purchase.

Add New Subscribers to Your Main List

After the giveaway concludes, transfer new subscribers to your main email subscriber list. Continue nurturing them as you would other leads.

The giveaway served to capture their initial interest – now work to convert them into loyal brand advocates.

Step 7: Continue Growing Your Social Media and Email Following

The work doesn’t stop once your product is launched and giveaway completed. Ongoing social media and email marketing is crucial for long-term brand growth.

Here are some tips for continually expanding your reach and conversions:

Space out additional giveaway promotions every 2-3 months to spike growth. Incentivize existing subscribers to share with friends for more entries.

  • Diversify social platform presence

Expand to new platforms like Pinterest and YouTube. Diversify beyond just Facebook and Instagram.

  • Retarget followers with ads

Use pixels and cookies to create lookalike audiences and retarget followers across social media with relevant ads.

  • Send weekly email newsletters

Send regular emails to provide value, nurture relationships and promote products. Prioritize quality over quantity with email subscribers.

  • Partner with micro and mid-tier influencers

As your brand grows, scale up and partner with influencers who have 50k-500k followers for expanded reach.

  • Prioritize video content

Video content performs exceptionally well on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Invest in regular high-quality video.

  • Highlight user-generated content

Repost customer photos and videos showing real people enjoying your products. This provides powerful social proof.

  • Promote email signup prominently

Add email signup forms, links and calls-to-action across your website and social channels. Make it easy for visitors to join your list.

  • Analyze performance data

Use analytics to identify highest converting platforms, types of content, engagement times, audience demographics and more to refine your strategy.

  • Provide value, not just sales pitches

Don’t blast followers with constant sales messages. Provide entertainment or education along with promotions.

The key is consistency. Continually publish engaging content and emails to see ongoing growth month after month. Stay committed for the long-term.

Wrapping Up

Growing a highly engaged social media audience and email subscriber list provides tremendous long-term value for Amazon brands looking to scale successfully.

The influencer giveaway strategy outlined in this article offers an effective way to rapidly increase reach and capture qualified leads in preparation for a new product launch.

Executing each step of the process, from recruiting nano influencers to promoting through email campaigns, creates excitement and demand for your products through viral word-of-mouth exposure.

While it requires an initial investment of time and budget, the payoff is well worth it. The key is tracking ROI and continuously optimizing your performance over time. Used consistently, these social media and email marketing tactics can elevate any Amazon brand and lead to dramatic growth.

In today’s competitive ecommerce landscape, building direct relationships with your target audience is more valuable than ever. Follow this blueprint to expand your community beyond just the Amazon platform. Then continue nurturing and converting those high-intent followers into loyal brand advocates and customers for the long haul.

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