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How to Fulfill Shopify Orders with Amazon Buy With Prime

  1. How Buy With Prime Works
  2. Benefits of Using Buy With Prime
  3. Setting Up Buy With Prime for Your Shopify Store
  4. Potential Drawbacks to Consider
  5. Tips for Getting the Most from Buy With Prime
  6. Wrapping Up

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Amazon Buy With Prime is a service that allows Shopify store owners to leverage Amazon’s vast fulfillment network and trusted Prime branding to fulfill orders on their own ecommerce stores.

With Amazon Buy With Prime, customers can purchase products from a Shopify store and seamlessly checkout using their Amazon account. The order is then fulfilled by the seller’s inventory stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and shipped with Prime shipping speeds.

For Shopify sellers, this means not having to deal with order fulfillment themselves. Amazon handles picking, packing, and shipping the orders. The seller just has to make sure there is adequate inventory checked into Amazon’s fulfillment network.

In this article, we’ll dive into everything Shopify store owners need to know about Amazon Buy With Prime:

  • How the Buy With Prime checkout process works for customers
  • The benefits merchants can get from using Fulfillment by Amazon for their Shopify orders
  • How to connect Shopify and Amazon Seller Central to enable Buy With Prime
  • Potential drawbacks to consider
  • Tips for getting the most value from Buy With Prime for your ecommerce store

If you sell on Shopify and are looking for ways to scale and automate fulfillment, Amazon Buy With Prime is an option worth exploring. Read on to see if it could be a good fit for your business.

How Buy With Prime Works

How Buy With Prime Works for Shopify Sellers

Buy With Prime creates a seamless checkout experience for customers while allowing Shopify store owners to leverage Amazon’s fulfillment network. Here’s an overview of how it works from both the customer and merchant perspective:

The Customer Experience

When a customer is ready to checkout on your Shopify store, they will see a “Buy with Prime” button on your product page or cart. When they click this button, it will redirect them to Amazon’s login page to sign into their Amazon account.

Amazon Buy With Prime

If they are already logged in, it will bring them right to the shipping and payment details. They don’t need to re-enter their card information since Amazon already has it on file.


Once the customer reviews their order details and shipping address, they simply place the order. The payment goes through Amazon and the order is fulfilled as if they purchased it directly from

Behind the Scenes for Sellers

As the store owner, you need to have an Amazon Seller Central account and inventory checked into Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This is what enables Amazon to pick, pack and ship orders placed via Buy With Prime.

When a customer purchases using Buy With Prime on your Shopify store, Amazon will receive the order information and fulfill it from your existing inventory in their fulfillment network.

Amazon handles the entire fulfillment process. They pick the item(s) from their warehouse shelves, pack it, and ship it to the customer with Prime 2-day shipping.

The customer receives tracking information from Amazon and can track their package just like any other Amazon order. This helps lend that same trust and convenience people are used to with Amazon purchases.

Connecting Shopify and Amazon

To enable Buy With Prime, you need to connect your Amazon Seller Central account with your Shopify store. This integration can be done with various Shopify apps like Shopify Fulfillment Network or Amazon Buy Shipping.


These apps walk you through linking your accounts and setting up the Buy With Prime checkout options. Once connected, it will seamlessly facilitate fulfilling Shopify orders via FBA.

Benefits of Using Buy With Prime

Benefits of Buy With Prime for Shopify Sellers

Using Amazon’s fulfillment network and trusted Prime branding for your Shopify store orders comes with some great benefits:

Leverage Amazon’s Reputation and Fast Shipping

Amazon has built a reputation for ultra-fast, reliable shipping through their Prime program. When customers see the Prime logo or “Buy with Prime” button, they know their order will ship quickly.

According to a Feedvisor study, 75% of Prime members said 2-day shipping was the main reason they signed up. Your Shopify store can piggyback off this expectation by fulfilling orders via FBA.

Gain Credibility and Trust for Your Brand

As a newer or lesser known Shopify brand, it can be difficult to build credibility and trust. Using Buy With Prime lends some of Amazon’s hard-earned buyer trust to your own store.

Seeing that Prime logo and knowing Amazon handles fulfillment can give customers confidence to purchase from a new brand. This is especially helpful for boosting conversion rates when launching a new Shopify store.

Automate Order Fulfillment While Maintaining Control

Buy With Prime automates fulfillment for your Shopify orders by leveraging FBA, but you still maintain control over your brand, products, and customer data.

You don’t have to give up the first-party Shopify store experience. Amazon simply acts as the behind-the-scenes fulfillment partner.

Advertise “Buy With Prime” to Increase Traffic

Shopify sellers can advertise their products with “Buy With Prime” messaging, which can boost clicks and sales. This could include Google Ads, social ads, retargeting ads, email marketing etc.

The recognizable Prime logo and fast shipping promise can grab buyer’s attention, especially if you are running ads to cold audiences who aren’t already familiar with your brand.

Setting Up Buy With Prime for Your Shopify Store

How to Set Up Buy With Prime for Your Shopify Store

Connecting your Shopify store with Amazon Seller Central to enable Buy With Prime checkout involves a few key steps:

Sign Up for an Amazon Seller Central Account


If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create an Amazon Seller Central account. This is free and will allow you to access FBA and other Amazon seller services.

When signing up, make sure to use the same company name, address, and contact information as your Shopify store for easier integration later.

Send Inventory to Amazon FBA Warehouses

Buy With Prime requires having eligible inventory checked into Amazon’s fulfillment network. You’ll send your Shopify product inventory to Amazon warehouses.

Use Amazon’s FBA shipment tools to label, package and ship your items to their fulfillment centers. Make sure to send adequate inventory to meet potential order demand.

You should know this for inventory costs:


Install a Shopify-Amazon Integration App

Apps like Shopify Fulfillment Network, Combine Amazon Orders, or Amazon Buy Shipping can connect your Seller Central and Shopify store.

These apps handle synchronizing your product catalogs, inventory levels, and order information between the two platforms. Follow the app setup guides to complete the integration.

Add the Buy with Prime Button to Your Store

Once integrated, you can enable the Buy with Prime checkout button on your Shopify products. This may require some theme customization and coding.

When customers click the button, they’ll be sent to the Amazon flow to checkout with their Prime account. Apps may provide code snippets to easily add the button.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While Buy With Prime comes with some great benefits, there are also a few potential downsides Shopify sellers should be aware of:

Higher Fees Compared to Amazon Channels


Amazon charges higher fulfillment fees for Buy With Prime orders compared to standard FBA fees.

For example, a small item may be $3.99 FBA fee on but $5.38 for fulfillment via Buy With Prime. This is because of the additional Prime service fees.

Storage Fees Are the Same as FBA

Your inventory stored in Amazon’s warehouses is subject to the same long-term storage fees as regular FBA, which can add up.

In Q4, Amazon charges around $2.40 per cubic foot for FBA inventory storage. Keep this in mind when budgeting for Buy With Prime.

Lose Some Control Over Branding and Experience

Allowing Amazon to handle fulfillment means your customers will interact with Amazon’s branding, packaging, and messaging instead of your own.

While Amazon has excellent customer service, some Shopify sellers may not like relinquishing control over the full customer experience.

Requires Shopify-Amazon Integration

It takes some technical work to integrate your Seller Central and Shopify store via an app. This includes connecting product catalogs and order flows.

If you’re not technical, you may need to hire a Shopify expert freelancer to set up Buy With Prime, adding to the costs.

Tips for Getting the Most from Buy With Prime

Tips for Maximizing Buy With Prime

There are a few best practices merchants can follow to optimize results from Buy With Prime:

  • Focus on small, lightweight products. The fees tend to be more competitive for smaller items. For example, a 6oz product is $5.38 vs $13.66 for a 3lb item.
  • Incentivize larger purchases. Amazon lowers the fulfillment fees for orders with 2+ units. Offer discounts or bundles to encourage more units per order.
  • Use for new product launches. The Prime badge builds immediate trust with buyers and helps convert new site visitors checking out your brand.
  • Send inventory in bulk. Shipping more FBA inventory at once helps minimize the prep and shipping costs to get products to Amazon.
  • Manage storage carefully. Amazon measures cubic feet occupied – optimize packaging to take up less space. Remove slow-selling inventory before fees accumulate.
  • Advertise with Prime messaging. Run paid ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram etc highlighting “Amazon Buy With Prime” to boost ad performance.
  • Provide excellent customer support. Follow up quickly on any customer issues to ensure they have a positive experience with your brand.
  • Review reports frequently. Use Seller Central and Shopify data to analyze Buy With Prime performance and identify optimization opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Buy With Prime offers a way for Shopify merchants to leverage Amazon’s unmatched fulfillment capabilities to easily scale order fulfillment. By letting Amazon handle logistics and shipping, sellers can focus more on running their businesses.

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of how Buy With Prime works and how to set it up for your Shopify store. You also know the major benefits like trusted Prime branding, faster shipping, and automated fulfillment. We also covered some potential drawbacks to factor into your decision.

While Buy With Prime has its pros and cons, it can be an effective fulfillment option – especially for new Shopify stores looking to build credibility and scale operations. Carefully evaluate if the benefits outweigh the costs for your specific business needs.

Follow the tips provided to maximize the value if you do opt to use Buy With Prime. With the right approach, it can help you deliver a seamless, Prime-speed buying experience for your customers while saving you time and effort on order fulfillment.

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