Amazon PPC Advertising

Upscale Valley provides your business with the opportunity to join as well as master the Amazon marketplace. Our expertise and inside information on Amazon will give you the right strategy to outgrow your competitors in sales and brand value. Work with our experts and watch your PPC profits soar through our optimization process.


Amazon is growing rapidly as a digital advertising platform and that means the competition has become tougher. Since advertising on Amazon has become a common practice, what you need for your business is a carefully curated Amazon ad sales campaign that will boost your sales, make your brand more visible and help your business grow. That is why Amazon Sponsored Advertising is a crucial part of any effective ad sales campaign. This is where our Amazon experts come in, to ensure that you optimize every penny spent.

Lower ACOS, Higher Profitability

More ad money doesn’t necessarily translate to more views and sales on Amazon. So, while Amazon Sponsored Advertising is an important advertising strategy, you have to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Our Amazon experts are here to optimize your PPC campaign so that you have more money in your budget to increase advertising and boost sales.

Make your Brand Stand Out

There are thousands of competitors on Amazon for your customers to choose from, so we will use the Sponsored Brands Ads to make your brand stand out from the rest. With your brand at the top of every search, your ads will have a higher conversion rate.

Boost Revenue and Sales

As more and more customers quickly buy your products, you will not only manage to meet your sales goals but will surpass them. Our strategies allow for you to cut wasted ads and achieve explosive sales!

Dominate the Amazon Category

With satisfied customers and positive reviews, your brand will soon have a sizable market share. In order to outgrow your competitors, you will have our competitive research process so that you can identify market trends that you might miss otherwise. Once the market gaps have been identified, product and keyword targeting will allow us to attract more customers than your competitors.


Your PPC Campaigns Will be Curated by Amazon Experts.

Upscale Valley offers practical advice through our ad specialists. They are experts at optimizing PPC campaigns, ensuring that you are not wasting any money. This will give you more room in your budget to attract new audiences, generate more sales and eventually gain the dominant market share.

Work with Only the Best at Upscale Valley.

Upscale Valley is at the top of the game when it comes to PPC optimization. With a process that guarantees results, Upscale valley provides its clients new and exciting ways to increase their sales through PPC optimization. We bring fresh ideas to the table and are always at hand to guide you through the process.

Insider Information

The ad sales market may be overcrowded but our experts get insider tips and information from Amazon that gives our clients the ultimate advantage.

A Real Partnership

The success of our clients is our success. That is why we see you as our partner, someone we can openly communicate with. We like to hold regular meetings with our clients so that we can see their vision and they can get to know our strategies. By working closely together we can guarantee you a unique Amazon PPC campaign that will meet your expectations and translate your ads into sales.


Find your Niche Keywords

In order to optimize your PPC campaign, you need niche keywords and not generic, popular words and phrases that won’t make your ad stand out. Using proprietary internal tools for a complete research process, we find the words that will make your ad go to the top of the page for every relevant search. Our experts will also get rid of any irrelevant keywords that are eating up your budget so that you can focus on profitable ads.

Increase your Sponsored Ads Profitability

With a constantly changing market, you need to be able to tweak or optimize your bidding strategy so that you increase the profitability of your sponsored ads campaign. Much in the same way a car needs to be tweaked to ensure maximum performance, you need to be smarter about bid adjustments. With our expert insight into PPC optimization, you will get more value out of your ad dollars.

Impactful PPC Analysis

Sometimes you think you have an airtight PPC campaign but then it fails to translate into actual sales and revenue. Is your product being abandoned in carts? Is your ad attracting any new customers? And how can you possibly keep track of all this? With our impactful PPC analysis we can keep track of all these indicators for you and figure out how to customize your ad campaign so that customers online are actually buying your products and more new customers are being attracted to them.

A Strategy that Guarantees Business Growth

Putting up an ad on Amazon is no guarantee that it will help your business. In fact, without the right strategy, you are simply wasting your money. We use a mixture of Amazon ad types (including Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Display Ads) to find a strategy that works for YOUR brand and makes it stand out.

Optimize your Spending

Ads do not come cheap. That is why we have daily campaign and account level budgets that will allow you to keep your spending under control and eliminate waste so that you have room to adjust the budget for your changing goals and expectations.

Make the Best of Market Opportunities

Trends fluctuate constantly, depending on a variety of factors. From political and social shifts to weather and online trends, everything can have an impact on the demand for your products. Upscale Valley is here to change and adapt your campaign to these shifts in market trends so that you can maximize your ad views and sales.