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How one kitchen brand boosted their sales 100x without bleeding any money in Ad Spend in only 60 Days!

When KitchenWare came to Upscale to evaluate their business, although they had a great catalog their ACOS was over 75% and increasing while their sales seemed to be declining. Our experts evaluated and discovered that they had not been leveraging all available ad types for their branding.

Profitability Increase 53%
Increase in Sales 185%
Decrease in ACoS 50%

Golden Keywords Make Golden Products

Andrew came to us with a one year old Amazon account with only one product running, barely breaking even. We identified the root cause as being not enough initial research being conducted and the sourcing costs for the product being too high.

Sourcing Cost Reduction 30%
Increase in Sales 250%
Increase in Profit 55%

Why Choose Upscale?

We have worked with and established some of the biggest Amazon Brands

Once you’re part of the Upscale family, your only direction is forward! This is why brands that have come on-board with us have continued on with us for years. Want to know more about these brands?

Working with Upscale Valley has been a pleasure for me. I was looking for an all-in-one solution for my Amazon so that I could work on my other ventures. Thankfully, I’ve never had to worry about Amazon a day in my life now! Highly Recommended.
Mac Ben, CEO SellNowAMZ

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