Case Studies 3

Case Study 3

Leveraging Sponsored Ads to amplify the presence of a herbal coffee and tea brand.

A coffee and tea substitute brand aimed at expanding and enhancing its brand image on Amazon.

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With a 20% ACoS, Teeccino’s ad revenue surged within the first five months. They were able to reach new customers and impressions grew along with the company’s total revenue which saw a marked increase within a year.


Established in 1993, Teeccino is a brand that sells coffee and tea, with a delicious blend of organic herbs, chicory, dandelion, or barley, along with fruits and nuts. Teeccino products contain the highest quality ingredients, without any artificial flavors, preservatives, and chemicals. Their products are caffeine-free and acid-free with over 35 organic and gluten-free blends. Caroline designed Teeccino to satisfy both coffee and tea drinkers alike with its rich, full body and its many health benefits.

The Problem

When Teeccino’s growth on Amazon plateaued, they turned to data analytics startup, SellerApp, to gain sales momentum in December 2019. They wanted to leverage data-driven tools and artificial intelligence to establish themselves as a coffee substitute and herbal tea brand.

They had launched several new products and were looking to boost their brand visibility and awareness. They especially wanted their mushroom blend to capture the market at that time since it was trending and highly in demand. Teeccino also looked to boost sales from PPC by turning clicks into conversions in order to improve their advertising efficiency and avoid draining their ad budget.

Our Approach

With the goal of driving brand awareness, visibility, and increasing sales, SellerApp first worked on rebranding Teeccino to improve their brand positioning in the market. This included changing the logo to make it more visually appealing, upgrading their Amazon storefront and adding A+ content to their listings.

The next step was building on their PPC by performing extensive keyword research to break down branded and non-branded keywords for Sponsored Brand ads. During this time, SellerApp created 144 ad campaigns that had 1140 keywords with 284 brand keywords and 538 non-brand keywords.

SellerApp also launched new ad formats – Sponsored Products in tandem with Sponsored Brands to induce and increase brand loyalty and keep up the sales momentum. The campaigns were further optimized using keyword harvesting and negative targeting strategies based on conversions and ACoS benchmarks. Our advanced automation techniques increased their campaign efficiency to the nines.

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