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Amazon Marketing

Project Overview

This family-owned ginseng company in Wisconsin partnered with Thrive Internet Marketing Agency to build a strong brand on Amazon and grow repeat customers.

Before Thrive, its owner managed everything from creating Amazon listings and building a basic Amazon Brand Store to Amazon advertising. Although his efforts delivered substantial results, the client needed a professional Amazon marketing agency with expertise in everything Amazon so he could focus his time and efforts on other areas of the business.

Additionally, the client wanted to reduce their advertising cost of sales (ACOS) and exceed $1 million in annual sales in 2023.

After Thrive took over the company’s Amazon marketing in January 2023, the company achieved lifetime high dollar sales consecutively in March, April and May. The ACOS for May stood at 20%, with a continuous reduction from the start of the engagement. Ad sales also increased to $42,000, with repeat purchases at 5% in May.

The Results

Cost of Sales in 4 months
- 0 %
Repeat Purchase in 4 months
+ 0 %
Ad Sales in 4 months
+ 0 %
ACOS for May 2023
0 %

Thrive conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s Amazon account and its competition to create a strategy that would deliver on the ACOS and sales numbers the client was looking for.

The ACOS at the start of the engagement in January 2023 was 45%, while ad sales stood at $31,000. Amazon’s algorithm was also flagging the listings for medical claims every now and then, and brand analytics showed repeat purchases at only 4%.

Within only four months since the campaign launch, our Amazon marketing strategy generated remarkable results:

Key Metric: ACOS

The client’s ACOS decreased month-over-month, standing at 20% in May 2023. This number continues to decline as we implement a more targeted Amazon advertising approach.

Key Metric: Sales Generated from Ads

Ad sales also increased by 35%, generating a repeat purchase of 5% in April and a 5% increase in May.

The Execution

Initially, we did a content refresh to highlight the key messages that the brand wanted to relate to. This included creating new infographics, A+ content and Brand Store. Thrive also implemented a strong advertising strategy that involved:

  • Comprehensive Account Audit: Our team of seasoned professionals initiated the case study by conducting a meticulous and comprehensive account audit. This audit encompassed a thorough examination of the client’s existing PPC campaigns, leaving no aspect unexplored.
  • In-Depth Performance Analysis: Following the account audit, we proceeded to analyze the performance metrics of the client’s campaigns. This involved a detailed review of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates (CVR), cost per click (CPC), and more.
  • Structural Assessment: Simultaneously, our experts delved into the structural components of the campaigns. We assessed the campaign organization, ad group structures, and keyword groupings to identify any areas requiring optimization.
  • Strategy Inspection: Another critical facet of our approach involved a rigorous inspection of the strategies that had been previously implemented. This examination sought to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the existing approach.
  • Identification of Key Challenges: Upon concluding the audit, we discerned that the client’s PPC management needed substantial improvement. Specifically, we identified four critical areas in need of enhancement:

These strategies and close coordination with the client to ensure a high in-stock percentage of FBA inventory, helped build repeat customers and achieve the client’s goals.

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