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How to Register Brand on Amazon in 2024? Understanding Amazon Brand Registry Requirements.

Where selling on Amazon is extremely fruitful, it can become a worry for sellers without fulfill Amazon Brand Registry Requirements.

According to surveys sellers expressed their concerns regarding selling on Amazon which include:

  •  20% of people are afraid that their manufacturers or chinese manufacturers are selling the same products at cheaper rates
  • On the other hand, 33% of sellers are sick and worried about getting their listings hijacked.
  •  23% are worried about Amazon limiting or suspending their accounts for no apparent reason.

The best tool an Amazon seller got to combat all these worries is “Amazon Brand Registry”. In this article, we will be touching on all the elements related to Amazon Brand Registry.

  • What is Amazon Brand Registry?
  • Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry Program
  • Discover what’s new with Amazon Brand Registry
  • Process of enrolling your brand for Amazon brand registry:
  • Cost of Amazon Brand Registry:
  • How long does it take for the approval of Amazon Brand Registry?

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry Requirements

Amazon Brand Registry is a valuable program designed to benefit businesses and sellers. By enrolling their brand with Amazon, they gain access to enhanced marketing tools and features, along with complete control over their brand.

Key Advantage:

  • Remove Infringing Items: One of the key advantages of Brand Registry is the ability for brand owners to easily identify and remove infringing items from the platform. In the past, Amazon lacked a strict framework to prevent counterfeiters from causing trouble for sellers. Now, Brand Registry acts as a brand protection program.
Amazon Brand Registry
  • Access to Advanced Tools: Through Brand Registry, brand owners can utilize advanced tools to improve their business, protect their products, and enhance the customer experience. Features such as search phrase reports and bulk product listing management are available to enrolled companies.
Amazon Brand Registry
  • Access to Various Marketing Programs: The program also provides a dedicated team to address concerns like counterfeiters, listing alterations, and policy violations. Additionally, sellers enrolled in Brand Registry can access various marketing programs like the Amazon Transparency Program and Enhanced Brand Content.

In summary, Amazon Brand Registry is an essential resource for sellers on the platform. It helps protect brand owners and enables efficient management of products and listings associated with the brand.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry Program:

Amazon Brand Registry offers a range of valuable benefits for brands that have registered trademarks. Let’s clarify what it actually provides for sellers:

  • Better Authority: Amazon Brand Registry gives you, as the brand owner, greater control over your listing content. You can ensure that your product information, images, and details accurately represent your brand and its unique selling points. This control helps maintain brand consistency and fosters trust among customers.
Amazon brand registry
  • Brand Monitoring: With Brand Registry, you gain access to a powerful tool that allows you to actively monitor your brand’s presence on Amazon. This enables you to keep a close eye on how your brand is being represented, detect any unauthorized use or infringements, and take appropriate actions to protect your brand’s integrity.
Amazon brand registry
  • Dedicated Support: Amazon provides a dedicated internal team specifically for Brand Registry participants. This team is available to assist you with addressing and resolving issues related to incorrect listings, variations, and intellectual property (IP) infringement claims. Their expertise and prompt assistance can help protect your brand from unauthorized sellers and maintain its reputation.
  • A+ Content: As a Brand Registry member, you can leverage Amazon A+ Content, a feature that allows you to enhance your product listings with rich multimedia content. This includes engaging product descriptions, additional images, comparison charts, and videos. A+ Content helps you showcase the unique features of your products, educate customers, and ultimately drive higher conversions.
A+ content
  • Amazon Stores: Brand Registry offers you the opportunity to create your own Amazon Store. This feature allows you to build a multi-page destination that showcases your brand and its full range of products. With an Amazon Store, you can create a cohesive shopping experience, engage customers with curated collections, and increase brand loyalty.
Amazon stores
  • Sponsored Ads: By participating in Brand Registry, you can take advantage of advanced advertising strategies available on Amazon. Sponsored Brands ads allow you to promote your brand and feature multiple products in a single ad. Sponsored Display ads enable you to target specific audiences and remarket your products to increase visibility and drive sales.
amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Amazon Live: Amazon Live provides you with a platform to interact with potential customers in real-time through live video streaming. You can demonstrate your products, answer questions, and engage with shoppers directly. This interactive experience helps build trust, establish brand authenticity, and drive interest in your products.
  • Amazon Vine: As a Brand Registry member, you can enroll your brand in the Amazon Vine Program. This program facilitates the collection of trusted and verified product reviews from Amazon’s most enthusiastic customers. Genuine reviews play a crucial role in influencing purchasing decisions, and the Amazon Vine Program helps you generate authentic feedback to build credibility for your brand and products.
  • Amazon Posts: Amazon Brand Registry does provide access to Amazon Posts. Amazon Posts is a social shopping feature that allows brand owners to create curated content and engage with shoppers on the Amazon platform. By participating in Brand Registry, you can take advantage of this feature to showcase your products, inspire customers, and drive engagement through visually appealing posts.
Amazon Posts


It’s important to note that Amazon’s Brand Registry does not impose restrictions on competition, meaning other sellers are not limited from selling your product. It also does not provide the ability to whitelist or blacklist specific sellers.

Additionally, only the brand owner themselves can submit infringement claims against other sellers, ensuring that you retain control over protecting your brand’s intellectual property rights.

Discover What’s New with Amazon Brand Registry:

Amazon is dedicated to continuously enhancing the Brand Registry program to better serve brand owners. The most recent addition is the highly anticipated Impact Dashboard.

This new feature revolutionizes brand protection by offering valuable insights based on the intellectual property information provided during brand registration.

Amazon Brand Registry

With the Impact Dashboard, you gain access to crucial data highlighting how Amazon has safeguarded your brand. This includes metrics such as the number of removed infringing ASINs, prevention of invalid new ASINs, and prevention of modifications to existing ASINs.

The data can be conveniently broken down at the marketplace, brand, and category level, providing comprehensive visibility into the effectiveness of brand protection efforts.

Process of enrolling your brand and fulfill for Amazon Brand Registry Requirements:

In order to register your brand, you need complete the Amazon Brand Registry Requirements to access enhanced brand registry account:

1.  Eligibility Check for Amazon Brand Registry:

Amazon Brand Registry

Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry is subject to specific criteria, ensuring that not all sellers or companies can access its benefits. To participate in the program, you must meet the following requirements:

Valid Trademark Registration: Participation necessitates a valid trademark registration. This means you must have registered your trademark in each country where you intend to sell your products.

trademark registration

If you plan to ship internationally under your company name, a trademark registration is crucial. Alternatively, if you have a pending trademark application through Amazon IP Accelerator, it can also be considered.

Any trademark application awaiting registration with a trademark office is deemed acceptable. When submitting your application, it is vital to choose the appropriate trademark registrar carefully.

Brand Logo and Product Images: As part of the enrollment process, you will be required to provide your brand’s logo along with images of your products or packaging. These visual assets play a pivotal role in establishing your brand’s identity and effectively representing it on the Amazon platform.

Enroll your brand on amazon

Product Category Listing: You must furnish a list specifying the product categories where you intend to list your brand. This information ensures accurate categorization and appropriate listing within the relevant product segments on Amazon.

By complying with these requirements, you can be eligible for enrollment in the Amazon Brand Registry, granting you access to its beneficial features.

2.      Creation of Brand Registry account:

Once you meet the eligibility requirements set by the Amazon Brand Registry program, you can proceed to create your account. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Sign in: Use your existing vendor or seller credentials to log in to the Amazon Brand Registry platform.
amazon brand registry
  • Provide Legal or Corporate Details: Furnish the necessary legal or corporate information as specified. This includes having a pending, registered, and active text or image-based trademark associated with your brand.
Amazon Brand Registry
  • Validate Information: Complete the validation process by verifying your account information through SMS.
  • Review Terms and Conditions: Take the time to carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions outlined by Amazon Brand Registry. Once done, click on the ‘accept’ button to proceed.
  • Save Your Account: Click on the ‘save’ button to save your account details and finalize the registration process.

By following these steps, you can successfully create your Amazon Brand Registry account and begin leveraging the benefits it offers.

3.      Enroll your brand:

Enrolling brand on Amazon

Now that your Amazon Brand Registry account is established, it’s time to officially enroll your brand in the program. Here are the criteria and steps you need to follow for a successful enrollment:

  • Brand Identification: Provide brand details, including name, logo, packaging, and product images.
  • Intellectual Property: Select trademark type, provide name, registration number, and office.
  • Brand Information: Fill in vendor account, license, manufacturing, and distribution details.

Complete these steps to enroll your brand officially in Amazon Brand Registry and access its valuable benefits for brand protection and growth.

Cost of Amazon Brand Registry:

At present, Amazon Brand Registry does not impose any costs for enrollment. However, it is essential to meet the requirement of having a registered trademark to be eligible for the application process.

The expenses associated with obtaining a registered trademark may vary. Typically, the fees range between $500 and $800, depending on factors such as the desired class of protection and other relevant considerations. It is advisable to research the specific costs associated with your trademark registration to ensure accurate budgeting.

How Long Does It Take For The Approval Of Amazon Brand Registry Requirements?

Once you have diligently adhered to the guidelines and submitted all the required documents with your trademark registration application, the registration process for your Amazon brand typically concludes within a span of two weeks.

If you have successfully provided all the requested information in your initial submission, you can expect a prompt authorization of your brand without significant delays.


The Amazon Brand Registry offers advanced resources and solutions to safeguard intellectual property, address counterfeiting issues, and retain authority over your product listings within the Amazon marketplace.

By utilizing this service, you can protect your brand’s reputation and provide a reliable shopping experience for your valued customers. If you seek further details about the Amazon Brand Registry or have any other inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us now.

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