Is Amazon Marketing Agency Really Worth the Money?

Amazon Marketing Agency is organization specializing in market research and advertisement for Amazon sellers. These agencies determine which keywords to use, manage social media sites, handle email marketing, provide SEO data, and organize content marketing campaigns all in an effort to boost their clients sales by improving their listings on the website.

Amazon is currently the world’s leading online retailer with over 36% shares in the global market. It’s one of the United States ‘Big Five’ companies and the largest of its’ kind anywhere in the world. However, when Amazon Agencies were first introduced, sellers were relatively unaware of online marketing with Amazon being their first actual marketplace.

Amazon Agencies therefore kicked-off because most sellers were unaware of online marketing research, optimizations, and advertisements. Today, however, people are becoming increasingly aware and well-informed on these topics.

Which leads to the question: Are Amazon agencies worth the money?

Why Should You Choose an Amazon Marketing Agency?

Research shows that 44% of online users do not make it past the first page of their search results. If it isn’t on the first page of it, it probably isn’t on the next either. This statistic makes it increasingly important for sellers to improve their products rankings and bring them to the first page for search results.

Sellers spend an increasing amount of time on their listing itself, but not much so on marketing for it. Amazon introduced their own algorithm, the A9, for deciding which products made it to the first page of search results and which didn’t.

Not much is known about the algorithm besides the fact that it doesn’t operate wholly as a typical search result generator. The A9 is based loosely on keywords and more so on sales history: if your product has a good sales record, Amazon will bring it up to the first page.

Hiring an Marketing Agency is important therefore for several reasons:

Amazon Marketing Agency
  • The agency involves employees either working within or closely with Amazon and therefore they understand the algorithm better.
  • It takes the load off of sellers for marketing research and applications.
  • The agency curates an effective marketing plan for your product to bring it up in rankings.

How to Choose an Amazon Marketing Agency?

There are several agencies to choose from when it comes to choosing a dedicated team to lead Amazon affiliated sales. Choosing the right one is based on the following factors:

  • Track Record – An agency with an appreciable track record and a transparent one. Ask for case studies and client reports. Corroborate them with client reviews.
  • Transparency – An agency that allows you to ask questions and does not answer with open-ended statements is one that can be trusted. Preferably interact with a representative face to face or via direct communication to understand their operations better.
  • Game Plan – Ask the agency to give you a little insight into their mode of operations and what they have to offer in terms of marketing. Ask questions on anything you’re wary about.


In conclusion, Amazon Agencies are profitable and formidable options to go for when planning out marketing strategies for your products on the world’s largest online retailer.

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