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Upscale Valley handles all aspects of Amazon User Generated Content management, including soliciting and publishing customer reviews, responding to customer questions, and analyzing the results of our efforts to optimize for maximum impact. We then develop a customized plan to effectively use UGC to drive sales and improve the visibility and credibility of your product.

Our expert-led Amazon UGC strategy begins with a thorough analysis of your product and market. You can use UGC to promote special offers and discounts on your products that will help boost sales and drive more traffic to your product pages.

Not only will our UGC service help you stand out on Amazon, but it also adds legitimacy to your brand in the eyes of other shoppers. Plus, UGC helps create the level of trust and transparency that today’s buyers look for when making online purchases.

Are You Facing These Problems?

Whether you want latest Amazon PL related news, some hidden nuggets or you want to learn from real world experience then my YouTube channel has what you need.

Lack of Trust

Amazon sellers are often wary of user-generated content and worry that it may need to reflect their brand or products accurately.

Obtaining Reliable Content

Obtaining high-quality photos and videos can be a challenge for Amazon sellers as they often have to wait a long time before receiving the content.

High-Resolution Images

Many Amazon sellers need help to get high-resolution images suitable for their product listings.

Customer Engagemen

It can be difficult for Amazon sellers to engage customers in meaningful conversations that promote loyalty and feedback.

Monetize UGC

Amazon sellers often need help monetizing their user-generated content, making it difficult for them to capitalize on the investment of time and resources put into creating the content.

Our Services for Amazon User Generated Content

Whether you want latest Amazon PL related news, some hidden nuggets or you want to learn from real world experience then my YouTube channel has what you need.

Creative Content Generation

We provide customized content generation services for Amazon products, including quality descriptive text, product reviews, and ratings.Creating creative content is an effective way to stand out. Businesses need to come up with original, engaging, and informative content that will capture their readers’ attention.


Product Curation

Our team of experts curates relevant content to help Amazon customers make informed purchase decisions. It involves taking into consideration a variety of factors, such as customer feedback, popular trends, market research, and suppliers. Once we've optimized your product listings, our Amazon PPC Agency then utilizes our extensive knowledge of Amazon's advertising platform to create and manage targeted ad campaigns.


Social Media Integration

We can help you integrate user-generated content into your social media campaigns, allowing customers to share their experiences and engage with your brand.Integrating your website with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to reach out to more potential customers and keep them engaged.


Content Moderation

Our team of moderators can ensure that all user-generated content posted on Amazon meets the guidelines set by Amazon. We can help protect users and keep content safe from inappropriate or harmful materials. Content Moderation helps to maintain a healthy online environment and create a better digital experience for everyone.


User Experience Design

We provide UX designers trained in creating unique user experiences to ensure your customers have the best experience engaging with your brand. User Experience Design is the process of designing products and services with a focus on how users interact and experience them.


Analytics & Reporting

We can provide analytics and reporting services that help you monitor user-generated content to determine what content resonates the most with Amazon customers. This data can then be used to inform future product and service offerings.

OUR 4-Part Process

We work hard to get a holistic understanding of your business. Once we’ve identified your needs and your goals, we’ll begin our work. See the process we follow below.

Sign agreement


Submit data & assets


Customize display settings


Monitor user-generated content

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Whether you want latest Amazon PL related news, some hidden nuggets or you want to learn from real world experience then my YouTube channel has what you need.

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If you have questions about our products or are curious about how they work, our FAQs are the perfect place to start.

Amazon User Generated Content (UGC) is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to increase engagement and sales. UGC provides customers with product reviews, images, videos, and other content that helps them make informed decisions about a product before purchasing it.

User Generated Content (UGC) on Amazon can include product reviews, comments, questions and answers, ratings, photos, videos, and more. Reviews are the most common type of UGC found on Amazon and can provide valuable insights into a product’s performance. Customers may also share their experiences with products through comments or ask questions about them.
Ratings are another important type of UGC that can show how a product is received by customers and help other shoppers decide whether to purchase the item.

Creating user-generated content on Amazon is easier than ever! Get started with these tips:
Explore what other brands in your niche are doing with UGC. Take inspiration from the best examples and start creating something that resonates with your brand, customers, and products.
Identify the right influencers to work with. Connecting with the right influencers can help you reach a wider audience and expand your customer base.
Create content that adds value to the customer experience beyond product sales. Ask customers to share photos of themselves using your products or provide feedback in reviews on Amazon.
Analyze the performance of your UGC campaigns. Keep track of metrics like reach, impressions, followers, engagement, and conversions. This will help you understand what works best and make adjustments where necessary.
Engage with customers already engaging with your brand on Amazon. Respond to questions they have or thank them for the positive feedback. This will show customers you appreciate their engagement and build a relationship with them.

Tracking the performance of your User Generated Content (UGC) on Amazon can be done in various ways. The most effective way to track UGC is by setting up a dedicated reporting platform or dashboard, such as NetBaseQuid. This platform allows you to monitor and report on sentiment, volume, engagement, and other critical metrics over time.

It is important to ensure that your User Generated Content meets Amazon’s guidelines, as failure to do so could result in your account being suspended. To help you create content that complies with the guidelines, here are some tips:

• Always ensure the content accurately reflects the product or service you provide.
• Be sure never to use inappropriate language or offensive content.
• Never make false claims about any product or service you are promoting.
• Ensure that your User Generated Content does not contain spam, malware, or other malicious software.
• Do not post links to external websites unless they are relevant and necessary for your content.
• Always remember to link back to Amazon’s official website if you are promoting a product or service on Amazon.
• Make sure the content does not violate copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws.
• Be sure never to post personal information in your User Generated Content.
• When creating videos, always make sure to use content that is appropriate for all ages.
• Finally, Amazon reserves the right to remove any User Generated Content that it deems inappropriate or violates its guidelines.

By analyzing user-generated content on Amazon, you can gain valuable insights into the customer experience. For example, customer reviews and ratings can provide detailed feedback on products and services, allowing businesses to understand their customer base better.
You can also use this data to understand better how customers view their own experiences with the company and what areas may need improvement.

Success Stories

Learn how Upscale has impacted 1000+ Small Business Owners

I struggled to get the Amazon PPC campaigns off the ground. Upscale Valley helped me create a targeted and effective campaign, and within a month, the sales doubled. I am delighted with the results; I am confident they will help maintain my growth every month.

Olivia Watson

We had been running our own Amazon PPC campaigns for a while, but we were never able to get the results we wanted. Upscale Valley looked at our campaigns and made some adjustments, and within a few weeks, our sales increased by 50%. We were amazed at how quickly they could turn things around for us.

Ryan Johnson

We wanted to increase our profits by 30% within 6 months. They designed a campaign focused on achieving that goal, and within 6 months, they had not only hit their target but over-performed it by 100%, which was incredible. We were thrilled with the results and continued using their services to grow our business.

Emily Davis

I am so grateful to have found Upscale Valley! I was really struggling to keep up with the day-to-day management of my Amazon store, and their team has been invaluable in helping me to streamline my operations and grow my sales. I couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Emma Rodriguez

It had been a while since I had run Amazon PPC Ads, but I was unsure how to increase sales without exceeding the budget. Using Upscale Valley has enabled me to grow sales considerably without increasing ad expenditures, which is a truly mind-blowing experience.

Michael Thompson


Learn how Upscale has impacted 1000+ Small Business Owners