UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service


Upgrade your Amazon business with our UPC to GS1 Barcode Change Service, ensuring compliance and increased visibility.

  • Ensure your products meet Amazon’s strict barcode requirements with our expert service.
  • Transition smoothly from UPC to GS1 barcodes with our guided assistance.
  • Improve product tracking and visibility on Amazon with GS1 standard codes.
  • Receive ongoing support and maintenance for barcode solutions.

Streamline your Amazon operations with Upscale Valley’s expert barcode change services for enhanced market performance.

Are These Problems Sounding Familiar?

Struggling with barcode compliance on Amazon? Our UPC to GS1 service simplifies and enhances your product identification process.

Barcode Compliance Issues

GS1 Transition Challenges

Product Identification Woes

Barcode System Integration

Let's Tackle These Hurdles Together

Overcome Amazon barcode challenges with our tailored GS1 transition service for smoother operations.

Seamless Barcode Compliance

Easy GS1 Transition

Optimized Product Identification

Integrated Barcode Solutions

Our 4-Part Process

At Upscale Valley, we tailor our process to your unique needs, ensuring an effective and personalized service.


Conduct Discovery Call


Analyze Barcode Needs


Customized Transition Plan

Seamless Implementation

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GS1 codes streamline tracking and meet Amazon requirements. This boosts visibility and sales.

We guide you through every step – obtaining GS1 codes, registering with Amazon, updating listings, and more.

 It typically takes 2-4 weeks depending on number of SKUs. We provide timelines tailored to your needs.

For most, updating just the Amazon listing is sufficient initially. We advise if repackaging is recommended.

We’ll need your product catalog info, current barcodes, and Amazon seller account access to begin.